About the Health Edge Clinic

Health Edge clinic came about from the need for having somewhere to go for more than just another fad diet, wellness gimmick or unhealthy approach to weight loss mentioned on social media. Our clients are busy individuals looking for more updated, healthy wellness resources for anti-aging and weight management solutions. At HEC our clients have access to medical and wellness professionals who can discuss their particular wellness goals and realistically help them achieve them. With patient education, medical professionals who know more than just traditional medicine, the latest in natural anti-aging medical grade supplements and love we have to help others, we set you on the right path to real results in no time.

About Us

Both Nick and Cristel are professionals who have a passion for health and wellness.  They have seen the need to provide mobile functional medicine service for professionals with busy schedules 

Nick Demellis

Doctorate prepared Family Nurse Practitioner

Nicholas Graduated from South University of Tampa as a Doctorate prepared Family Nurse Practitioner. He loves restoring his patients back to optimal health and achieving their personal goals. He has extensive experience in weight loss, Hormone replacement therapy, Nutritional therapy as well as anti-aging therapy. His diverse experience and knowledge provides his patients with a wide variety of methods so they can customize their treatment plan. Nicholas also has 2 years experience in Allergy & Immunology , used to be a personal trainer and competed at national level in physique body building. Nicholas can speak 4 languages , Greek , Portuguese , Spanish and English

Cristel Brito

Co-founder and anti-aging advocate